Let us introduce All-Entrepreneurs

A few words about All-E

Every year All-E will hold conferences, conventions, summits, trade shows, tournaments, business or entrepreneurship news and a lot more of other professional events meant to help you connect, share your product or services and create more awareness on the business world.

Each event might have its audience for people like and dislike different things sometimes, we felt then it’s necessary we cover most of your entrepreneurship needs if not all.

How do we decide which one to organize? What is the difference between planning and attending a conference versus a convention? Is a summit different from a symposium? All-E will enlighten you all about these by organizing them, you decide on which one to attend

Our programmes…

All-E Events

Conference: Conferences are formal, Conferences discuss ideas or problems related to a topic and

Conferences have speakers, not always discussions.

Convention: is a gathering in an arranged place and time in order to discuss or engage in some common interest or to make decisions as a group.

It includes: discussions and engage, Talk about shared work or common interests and Making a decision as a group

 Trade Show: Are more of an exhibition organized to showcase products and services business owners reach a higher market.

Trade fairs include: showcasing and demonstrating, competition evaluation and

Examination of recent market trends and opportunities

Summit: summit is a meeting usually with the government and business owners,

it include: A meeting of heads of companies or top executives and Prearranged agenda